Make A Silk Flower Monogram


Use chicken wire, floral foam, and silk flowers to create this simply gorgeous door display. The following tutorial is from Daisy Mae Belle.

silk flower monogram

Chicken Wire
Wire Snips
Floral Foam
Assorted Silk Flowers
Floral Pins
Floral Wire
Sharp Knife for Cutting Foam


  1. Draw out a block letter the size you want your monogram to be.
  2. Cut pieces of foam until they fill the monogram. {It doesn’t matter if there are small gaps.}

  3. Attach the foam together with floral pins.

  4. Lay a piece of chicken wire over the letter. Attach it in a few places with floral pins.

  5. Snip the wire until it is just a couple of inches larger than the monogram.

  6. Fold it around the foam.

  7. Using the floral wire, wrap and wrap and wrap the wire around the entire monogram. This will hold the chicken wire in place and really give the monogram the stability that it needs to hold its shape.

  8. Now the hard part is done and the pretty part begins!

  9. Cut the stems very short on the flowers and start placing them.

  10. Keep adding flowers… and more flowers... and greenery… until your monogram is full.