DIY Silk Flower Crown

Today we are sharing a fun and easy DIY from Afloral and Green Wedding Shoes. A floral crown with a twist – it's all made of silk flowers so you can enjoy it year-round! Or if you plan to DIY a flower crown, using silk flowers let’s you complete this project a month in advance (or more!) so you don’t have to worry about this the day of your wedding when you should be enjoying the day!!

There are endless possibilities here and with our selection of silk flowers you can really get creative.

What You’ll Need:

• Silk flowers. This crown is made with berry spray, pink baby’s breath, daisies, lambs ear, cosmos, lilac + waxflower.
• Floral Wire
• Floral Tape
• Scissors

Step 1: Begin by taking your floral wire and shaping it around your head to fit.

Step 2: Trim the heads of your silk flowers beforehand, then begin one at a time wrapping floral tape around the wire frame to the flower. Floral tape gets sticky as it stretches, so give it a tug to help keep in place. Also face your flowers in one circular direction as you move along so that they all face forward.

Step 3: Continue moving along your wire frame with flowers. We used a lot of medium sized flowers first, then filled with bigger focal flowers (Dahlia) and filler flowers (berries).

Step 4: Lastly, fill in any spaces with filler flowers or extra flowers you have to make the crown more full. Reinforce any loose pieces with more tape/glue.